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Where is Curvaceous Lingerie Located?

We are located at 117 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave, Lansing, MI 48933. We are in the Old Town neighborhood of Lansing, between Turner St. and Washington Ave. 

Do I need an appointment for a bra fitting?

Yes, we do require an appointment for a bra fitting. If you have never been fitted with us before or if you are a return customer and feel that your size has changed, please book a fitting. You can do so by calling the shop 517.881.8466 or by clicking the link below:

Bra Fitting Scheduling

What size ranges do you carry?

We currently offer bras A-O cup (US), 28-52 bands; and lingerie/sleepwear in sizes Small-3X.

What are my return options?

You can find our return policy here 

What do I do if I need to troubleshoot issues with an item I bought from you?

Please feel free to call us, at 517-881-8466 Tuesday-Friday 11-6 EST or shoot us an email at

How do I care for my bras? 

Hand washing and line drying your bra is the best way to make your investment last longer! Bras should never go in the washing machine or dryer. These machines put too much strain, stretch, wear and tear on your delicate garments and leads to popped wires, pulled hooks and more. We recommend Soak delicates wash which is easy to use and does not require rinsing. 

The wire of my bra poked through. What do I do?

It depends on when this happens in the life span of your bra.
If you are close to the one year mark, we suggest it has lived its best life and it’s time to replace it!

If it’s been closer to the six-month mark, we need to possibly address some issues. It’s possible there are a few things at play! If you have very dense breast tissue, that may just be your average life span. We know these things get expensive, but if you have tissue that needs a lot of heavy lifting, that bra is going to work HARD. It has to lift and move with you every which way you do, all day every day! We may suggest going with a different bra brand, or choosing a different shape bra to suit your needs.

If your wire popped through within a month’s time frame, we consider this a manufacturer defect, and will do our best to get you a replacement! Note fashion colors and fashion bra items are not always directly replaceable.

How do I book a private party at your store?

Please check out our Private Party page, here

Why are bras so expensive?

A well-made bra has some serious construction! It’s not just about a foam pad after all. Did you know that some bras can be made with up to 50 different pieces? Each part, each seam, each sewn channel is designed specifically for a person’s shape and it can get quite technical. Depending on the materials used and how many components, pricing can really vary.
Here at Curvaceous we really try to keep our bra prices reasonable! Our average bra price is about $65.

Where are most of your bras from?

We work with bras and garments from all over the world! Many of our bras originate from the UK - they’ve got the system down! We also work with companies from France, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Australia and more.

I have an allergy to some fabrics. Do you offer any bras that are all cotton?

Unfortunately not at this time. We are always changing our product mix however, so if you would like to be notified if or when we do acquire options for you, please contact us at